Contact Us

Contact Us

For event tickets or general information, please contact (914) 995-4050.

Building Management and Division Heads

  • Room Rental Inquiries
    (914) 995-4057

  • Event Set-Up / General Manager
    Veronica Snyder (914) 995-4052
  • Assistant to the Booking Manager
    Elyssa Martinez (914) 995-4057
  • Contract and Insurance Monitor / Ticketmaster Manager
    Deslyn Martirano (914) 995-4051
  • Labor and Set-Up
    John Ponce (914) 995-7505
  • Sound and Electrical
    Michael Lanni (914) 995-4061

Private Event Services

  • Isaacs Nationwide Expo Services
    Steve Ewald (845) 561-0832
    Nationwide can offer pipe and drape, and other decoration requirements.

  • Local One
    James Edmiston (917) 885-6804
    Local One stagehands are needed for speaker rigging, lighting, and other stage production requirements.
  • Verizon

    Exhibitor Services 888-812-0360
    The event coordinator is responsible for calling Verizon for the set up of temporary phone lines.
    The request should be made well in advance of the date of the event.